Ear Itch

Ear itching is an unpleasant condition that bothers many of us. Especially in summer with the effect of heat
excessive sweating and, as a result, an increase in the itching sensation. The external ear canal has a very sensitive structure.
and if we irritate it by scratching and then swim in the pool or the sea, it will cause a serious external ear canal.
We will pave the way for infection.

Increased ear itching, irritating the person immediately, sometimes with the first item found in the ears.
it itches. The feeling that was expressed as itching sweetly at first, my ear hurts in the course of time.
and even inflammatory discharge from the ear, hearing loss may have consequences.

The cerumen (ear wax) produced by our ear for self-defense is frequently and severely cleaned with cotton swabs.
If it is cleaned properly, an abnormal dryness in the external ear canal and the contact of such foreign objects
may increase the itching sensation. One of the most common causes of ear itching is allergies.
Those who have diseases such as eczema or fungus in another part of their body, do not eat food or any other substance.
Ear itching is common in people with allergies.

The external ear canal is not straight in structure. The distance to the eardrum makes an elbow so that the ear
a fungal infection settled in, foreign body particles, swollen with water and ear cleaning
Dirt pushed to the inside with cotton wool does not come off easily without intervention. especially mushrooms
infections are extremely stubborn and are just as easy to transmit. Necessary precautions are not taken
Fungal infection can settle in the outer ear canal from crowded pools. located in the external ear canal
Fungus treatment is quite troublesome. It may require combating itching and long-term dressing. External
The ear canal should be kept dry.

Measures to be taken for ear itching and external ear infections:

Do not scratch your ears, consult a doctor if you cannot cope with the itching sensation.
In summer, prefer swimming in the sea instead of crowded pools.
Clean your ears with cotton swabs only to get the wetness after bathing and once a week
do not use too much.
Avoid foods that you know are allergic (such as tomato, chocolate, fried)
Be careful not to get soapy and shampooed water in your ears while bathing.
If possible, use earplugs when swimming in the pool.
Do not reuse ear drops 15 days after opening.
If you have scratched your ear, then do not come into contact with water.
Some diseases that reduce body resistance may predispose to ear infections (such as diabetes).
In such cases, the underlying main disease must be brought under control.

Ear itch, which seems simple, can poison life for many of us. Measures to be taken and a little willpower
enough to get out of this situation. Without dangerous consequences and without serious treatment
Especially in summer, we should pay attention to our ear care. Remember that the itching sensation is getting stronger on you.
It is an increasing perception. So the more you scratch, the more your ear will itch.

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