Ear Anatomy

Ear anatomy is examined in three main parts.

Auricle and external auditory canal

Middle ear (eardrum, middle ear cavity, eustachian tube)

Inner ear (organ of hearing and balance)

Auricle: It consists of skin and cartilage. Allows sound to be directed to the outer ear canal

External Ear Canal: It is approximately 2.5 cm long. The outer 1/3 is made up of cartilage and the inner 2/3 is made up of bone.

Eardrum: It is the structure with a diameter of about 1 cm that separates the middle ear from the outer ear.

Middle Ear Cavity: The middle ear cavity contains the hammer, anvil, and stirrup bones. The middle ear is ventilated by the Eustachian tube.

Eustachian tube: It is a 3.5 cm long structure located between the middle ear cavity and the nasal cavity.

Organ of balance: consists of semicircular canals and vestibule.

Hearing organ: It is a helical structure that makes about 2.5 turns.

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