Ear aesthetics


Prominent ear and other deformities of the ear can be permanently corrected starting from the pre-school period.

To whom should it be done?

Children and adults who have problems due to congenital or acquired (traumatic) ear deformities.

Is a non-surgical solution possible?

Deformities noticed in the early postpartum period can be corrected within the first 3 weeks with appropriate splints and taping. A permanent solution without surgery is not possible with threads.

How is the surgery done?

In prominent ear and some deformities, the operation is performed under local or general anesthesia by entering behind the ear. The average duration is 1 hour. The cartilage is weakened by rasping and the desired ear fold is preferably formed with permanent threads.

What should I do after the surgery?

Ears are kept closed with bandages and bands for 1 week. Afterwards, the stitches behind the ear are removed and the person returns to daily life.

Will there be any traces?

After healing, the incision behind the ear remains in the form of a thin line, but it is not noticeable from the outside.

What are the risks?

Secondary interventions may be required for minor problems, except for undesirable situations that may arise for each surgery.

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