Ear Aesthetics

What is prominent ear?

The ear is a complex shaped organ composed of soft-consistent cartilage and specialized for the perception of sound. It is located on both sides of the head, between the eye and upper lip level. The auricle makes an average of 30-35 degrees angle with the skull bone at the back. The condition where the auricle is curved forward by angling more than 35 degrees with the skull is called the ‘Note Ear Deformity’.

How is prominent ear treated?

In general, two techniques can be mentioned. Both techniques are performed under local anesthesia.
The first method; It is the fixation of the ear towards the back by placing permanent sutures between the ear cartilage and the bone with a small incision made behind the ear.

The second method is based on revealing the cartilage structure that forms the auricle with incisions made behind the ear and shaping the ear with incisions and stitches made on the cartilage. The procedure takes a total of 1 hour for both ears. After the procedure, the ears are followed with closed dressing for 1 week. In the next period, the patient should cover his ears by using a tennis bandage for 4 weeks.

What Are Other Deformities of the Ear?

Most ear-related problems are developmental. There may be problems such as the ear being larger than normal, underdeveloped, auricle or no ear at all. A larger than normal auricle is treated by removing a piece from the ear. If there is no ear; New ears can be made by shaping the cartilage taken from the body or ready-made ear epitheses are used.

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