Ear Aesthetics

Our ears have aesthetic value as well as being functional just like our nose. Our ears, which we do not pay much attention to in normal ear aesthetics, draw attention only if they are prominent, especially causing women to not be able to use their hair as they wish. Ear aesthetics is mostly done due to prominent ear complaints. The prominent ear problem is due to the fact that the ears are open and their folds are underdeveloped or not developed at all. It is not possible to correct the shape by wrapping the ears, as the person’s position in the mother’s womb or lying position has no effect on the shape of the ear. The only remedy for prominent ear is surgery. Surgery can be performed at any age after the age of 6, when ear development is completed. The operation is based on the principle of creating a fold of the cartilage with the help of stitches by entering behind the ear with local or general anesthesia, and when viewed from the front, there is no trace of the operation. The operation time is approximately 1 hour. It is necessary to prevent the forward movement of the ears with a tennis player band or a bandana style accessory for 4 weeks after the surgery, thus preventing the rupture of the stitches forming the folds. In a short time like an hour, the congenital prominent ear problem is resolved, and with its rapid result, prominent ear surgery has the feature of being one of the most satisfying operations of aesthetic surgery.

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