Dsr (tear duct) surgery

Does tear duct obstruction go away on its own?

The cause of acquired tear duct obstruction seen in middle age is infections, stones, sinusitis, trauma and tumors. The congenital duct obstruction problem can be opened spontaneously in the 6th month in children.

How long does DSR surgery take?

The average processing time is 5 minutes. No incision is made in the surgery, it is painless and bloodless. After the operation, the eye is not closed, drops are used for 1 week. The success rate of probing is high in the first 3 years.

How do we know when the tear duct is open?

tear duct obstruction; It causes complaints such as excessive tearing in the eyes, burring, redness of the eyelids and the white part of the eye, swelling of the eyelids, painful swelling near the root of the nose, the inner corner of the eye, blurred vision, sticky discharge in and around the eye.

What happens if the tear duct obstruction is not treated?

The secreted tears reach the nasal cavity with the tear sac and ducts. Occlusion of the ducts for any reason causes tears to flow out and disturbs the patient. If the lacrimal duct obstruction is not treated, the lacrimal sac and duct can become filled with microbes.

How is tear duct occlusion surgery performed?

Treatment of Tear Duct Obstruction in Adults Under local or general anesthesia, an incision of approximately 1 cm is made at the root of the nose. A small bone window is opened in the nasal bone, a direct passage is created from the tear sac to the nasal cavity. In some cases, a silicone tube can be passed through the puncta.

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