Dry Eyes and Vision

Dry eye reduces vision and reduces the quality of vision. Dry eye mostly affects the cornea. It only causes itching in the tissues around the cornea. The front lens of the eye, the cornea, is a very delicate and delicate tissue. It is easily disrupted by external and internal factors. It takes water immediately, swells or leaves its water and dries.

Dehydration: The decrease in the aqueous (water) portion of the tear causes dehydration of the epithelium. Being dehydrated spoils the transparency. You can think of it as shrinking apricots left in the sun.

Disruption of transparency: Its transparency immediately breaks down. When the eye dries, the gap between the cells approaches each other, the transparency deteriorates, and light reflections appear.

Injury to the epithelial layer: Epithelial injuries occur immediately. The epithelium is the layer that covers the corneal surface. It is easily damaged. Dry eye disrupts the order and resistance of this place. When the patient scratches, injury occurs in the form of cell fragmentation. This impairs vision. In any case, this is our aim in saying that the patient does not scratch when his eyes are itchy.
Instant vision changes: Momentary changes in the cornea cause visual impairment throughout the day. Especially those who use mobile phones and computers all day long are affected by this. As the cornea dries, its transparency decreases.

Mucus build-up:When the aqueous (water) decreases, the mucus combines with the oil and deposits, the accumulations plaster the cornea in the form of burrs, causing a decrease in vision.
Light reflections: Epithelial damage due to dry eye, loss of transparency causes light reflections and reduces the quality of vision. Especially when the person is driving in the evening, he realizes it and becomes very uncomfortable.
Staining with Flourescein:Damage to the epithelial layer of the cornea is seen as areas of green dye when viewed with cobalt blue in the biomicroscope when fluorescein dye is dripped.

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