Dry Eyes and Quality of Life

Dry eye impairs quality of life. The most sensitive tissue of the body is the front lens of the eye, the cornea. The most disturbing tissue in dry eye is the cornea.

What are the effects of dry eye on quality of life?

Dozens of diseases: There are dozens of serious diseases that cause dry eyes. The patient is disturbed by these diseases, and most of the diseases are not transient, but chronic, that is, they last for life. The use of drugs, doctor control, the problems caused by these diseases impair the quality of life.

These diseases already impair quality of life. It disrupts the comfort of life for reasons such as diagnosis, treatment, doctor control, taking medication. There are also side effects of the drugs taken.

Decreased vision:dry eye causes severe vision loss.

*Light reflections: Wounds, drying, inflammation, edema (swelling) in the cornea in the front lens of the eye are the causes of light reflection. It causes problems in driving and computer.

*Epithelial injury: Epithelial layer covers the surface of the cornea in the front lens of the eye, and dry eye causes injuries that cause burning, itching, stinging and visual impairment in this layer.

* Disruption of cell lineage in the cornea: Dryness or swelling in the eye, injuries disrupt the cell arrangement. This is the cause of reduced transparency and hazy vision.

*Foreign materials and deposits on the cornea:Materials that cannot be removed with tears are collected on the cornea.

Burr: The reduction of the water part of the tear turns into burrs with the combination of mucin and oil. Since the tears are concentrated, they accumulate on the cornea, and the patient tries to correct the image by washing his eyes frequently.

Dry eye reduces quality of life:

Decreased vision: Dry eye reduces vision. Seeing perfect is bliss.

Itching:Deposits and toxic substances that are not disposed of in the eye cause itching.

Sinking:Injuries to the anterior lens of the cornea expose the nerve endings and cause stinging.

Feeling of sand:Substances that cannot be removed with tears in the eye cause the feeling of sand.

Combustion: Toxic substances that are not thrown out of the eye cause burns. It should be ensured that these substances are removed from the eye by washing the eyes frequently.


Problems with drug supply, instillation and medication:

Eyestrain: Sensitivity to light, burning, itching, stinging causes eye fatigue. An uncomfortable eye condition occurs. Here it reduces efficiency.

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