Dorn Therapy

The Dorn Method or “Dorn Therapy”, named after Dieter Dorn, who developed it, is a therapy method that spreads its effect to the body, especially over the spine. Thanks to this, complaints related to internal organs as well as back and joint pain are treated and even eliminated.

With Dorn Therapy, which we will call a true self-help method, alignment and alignment in the spine and joints are regulated.

In this way, the nerves are relieved. Blood circulation in the body is provided without obstruction. With the provision of blood circulation, the cells are fed, the body’s self-renewal process begins, and the pain disappears and even regeneration begins in the relevant organs.

Dorn Therapy always begins with the equalization of uneven leg length. Because the leg lengths, which we will accept as the foundation of the building, are not equal to each other, unfortunately, the hip and spine, which represent the building itself, are not in the level they should be.

With the person’s own dynamic movements and the pressure applied by the Dorn Therapist, first the leg length is equalized, the parallelism of the pelvis (pelvis bone) and the sacrum is ensured, and the alignment of the vertebrae on the spine begins. Next, the clavicle (collarbone) and neck vertebrae are studied, and finally the skull bones. All joints and bones in the body are brought to their proper positions.

As a result of slips of the Clavicula (collarbone) and Mandible (lower jawbone), slippage occurs in the cervical vertebrae, especially in the Atlas (first cervical vertebra C1). The most common problem here is lordosis flattening caused by excessive stretching of the neck muscles. The neck, which is normally in the shape of the letter C, takes the form of a straight line. When the neck straightens, two of the four vertebral arteries to the brain are stretched and not enough blood can reach the brain.

A person may have migraine, headache, dizziness, forgetfulness, nausea, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, unilateral facial paralysis due to irregular blood circulation, sinus complaints, heavy hearing, ear pain or ringing.

Most of the diseases we encounter such as scoliosis, waist & neck hernia, sciatica, pain in the hip bone/joint, knee pain, migraine, foot problems, uterine prolapse, abdominal region, bowel and bladder problems are associated with the oblique pelvis position and asymmetric / It can be caused by a curved, misaligned spine.

The movements listed below should be strongly avoided for 6 to 8 weeks after Dorn Therapy.

cross one’s legs

stand on one leg

standing with knees stretched

Walking with the hip outward position

Stepping on heels before walking

lying down while sleeping

Using the hands on the outside of the leg while wearing shoes

“streching” movements made by bringing the knee closer to the body more than 90 degrees

Dorn Therapy is often applied together with Breuss Massage.

It is a very special spinal massage.

It was developed by Harald Fleig, who realized that “intervertebral disc massage”, which he learned from Rudolf Breuss, who was 89 years old, in 1988, was performed in very good harmony with the Dorn Method.

It is applied only to the back area.

It is a massage that relieves pain with the applied pressure technique, relaxes the back muscles, increases the mobility of the spine and increases blood circulation.

It is acted on the basis that Intervertebral Discs are not torn, but degeneration and it is possible to renew itself (regeneration).

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