Donut shoulder treatments

Movement restriction may develop in the shoulder joint for many reasons. There are 3 stages of frozen shoulder disease.

1- Pain: Shoulder pain lasting for weeks or even months gradually increases. Night pain is especially prominent.

2- Restriction of movement: In this stage, the person reduces the pain by moving his arm less. But a permanent restriction of movement occurs. In order to adapt to this situation, movements such as wearing clothes, taking the hand to the head and neck are reduced or regulated. This may take up to 1 year.

3- Dissolution: During this period, the movements gradually open up, but usually do not fully recover.

Since the frozen shoulder process is very long and painful, people seek treatment intensively. These treatments include basic pain medications, physical therapy applications, local injections or manual therapy under general anesthesia, and closed or open surgeries.

Manual therapies, especially with local applications in outpatient conditions, are both cheap and effective.

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