Don’t you trust anyone?: pistanthrophobia

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Man is a bio-psycho-social being. Socialization, establishing bilateral relations and trust are very important for our social life. In some people, the inability to trust the other person at all can reach the level of phobia, and the person may begin to distrust anyone and even be afraid of trusting.

The basis of difficulty in trusting other people begins with a lack of self-confidence, which affects the other person’s beliefs about whether they are reliable or not. The person experiences a state of distrust of people by taking a kind of protection so that the negative experiences in his past relationship experiences do not happen again. This negative experience from the past unconsciously repeats itself in new relationships for fear of being hurt again, and this continues as a vicious circle.

While trust is the most important part of every relationship, these people identify their past experiences with the present and judge that all people are unreliable, to protect themselves from potential harm in the future, “If I trust again, I will experience the same things”, “If I don’t trust anyone, I won’t get hurt again”, “No one can be trusted”, He refrains from taking a step with negative, rigid beliefs such as “these always happen to me” and makes every person; They mark him with a label that will upset him, break his trust, and make him experience the same negative experiences again. They think of the worst scenario of every event that will happen and they do not trust what the other person says, this feeling of insecurity; It can be accompanied by disappointment, hopelessness, feeling that he will never be happy, anger, guilt, anxiety and fear.

Not only do they have problems in emotional relationships; Insecurity may continue in business life, family life or socio-cultural environment. Although there is a distant and insecure attitude in relationships, there may be rejection and lack of self-confidence under this situation. These people, who are generally introverted, quiet, and self-conscious, are insecure not only of the people in front of them, but also of their own intuition and feelings, in this context, they become even more insecure in order not to be rejected in this area where they are vulnerable and not to experience the same feelings again.

Just as a person with cat and dog phobia tries to change his way and escape when he sees the animal, they can avoid contact with people due to the intense anxiety about the insecurity they experience, so the fear of experiencing the same things again may outweigh trusting people.

What Are the Symptoms of Pistanthrophobia?

Although he wants to trust the other person, he cannot do it.

Avoiding new relationships because he thinks that every person he meets is bad and will undermine his self-confidence.

Irrational fears that each new relationship will hurt him, shake his trust and upset him.

Feeling bad in situations related to trust, experiencing intense anxiety

Believing that people do not show themselves as they are, skeptical attitudes, jealousy

Dreaming of the worst-case scenario in relationship fantasies about the future, holding on to negative thoughts, pessimism

Strong beliefs that a happy relationship is unreachable and unattainable

Constantly looking for situations that will disappoint him

Hard and cold attitudes about relationship issues to protect yourself from getting hurt

Don’t let your emotions come out

Belief that people will not value you and will undermine your trust

Never trust the other party, approaching every person you meet with suspicion

How Can I Overcome Pistanthrophobia?

First of all, the most basic thing to know should be to know that future relationships will not have the same characteristics as the past. Just as not all people are the same, they will not have the same pattern in every relationship. But; Negative thoughts such as “Why does this always happen to me”, “I will never be happy”, “No one is reliable”, “Anyone can undermine my trust” can cause you to choose people who are likely to experience the same picture if not resolved.

Finding old feelings that cause you to know new people and not trust them, recognizing these feelings well and working on them is one of the important steps.

It is very important to accept the negativities experienced in the past and to face your feelings without running away from them in order for new relationships to progress in a healthy way.

It is important to learn from past situations and not to repeat these situations in newly established relationships.

This problem you are experiencing is not in a short time, and instead of waiting for a solution in a very short time, you need to move forward by giving yourself time.

Most importantly, when you cannot cope with this situation on your own, psychotherapy support can help you find the root of your problems from past experiences and work on the emotions that prevent you from trusting people.

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