Don’t Succumb to Fear

Greetings to everyone, as good news about the Covid-19 outbreak has started to come in recent days, we wanted to draw attention to another issue that needs attention. Yes, while the number of cases is falling rapidly, the number of recovered patients has also increased.

It is planned that the measures taken will be relaxed gradually. And daily life is slowly returning to normal. So, what do you think is the most dangerous thing to inherit from this process? Yes, the risk of disease will be overcome over time, but the psychological effects of the process seem to continue to be effective for longer periods.

First of all, fear is a condition that must be recognized and managed. Continuing to be afraid will only do us harm, once the necessary precautions have been taken. Let’s not forget that the most important factors that weaken the immune system are fear, sadness and stress. The continuation of these feelings for no reason easily engulfs the person like an inextricable whirlpool. Now, since every information received is evaluated with anxiety, something positive in life will become almost invisible. The most effective method to prevent this would be to stop following the news on television or social media constantly.

After taking the necessary precautions in our living space without overdoing it and obsessing over it, one of the best things to do is to find some pursuits that will help us make the most of our free time.

Instead of seeing this process as a problem and a problem, it will definitely change our psychological state in a positive way. Complaints and despair will only increase similar feelings and will not have a constructive effect. I recommend that you make this process, which we will live without our help for a while, as enjoyable as possible, and see it as a way to take a break from the hectic pace of life.

Stay healthy and with love…

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