Don’t let your knee pain be your nightmare!…

Patients with chronic knee pain are first recommended physical therapy and muscle strengthening exercises. Calcification occurs as a result of excessive rubbing of the joint surfaces forming the knee. There are many factors that increase this. Excess weight, overloading the knees, previous meniscal injuries, diabetes and rheumatism are the most common of these factors.

What are the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis?

The most common symptom is pain. It is very typical that there is pain in the knees after walking or doing any activity, this pain is constantly recurring and the patient cannot relax without taking painkillers. However, the shape of the knee deteriorates as the disease progresses. Often the shape we call braces knee begins to form. Very advanced cases cannot bend their knees. In the last stage, the pain becomes continuous and the patient cannot do his daily activities.

Knee osteoarthritis is most common in which gender and at what age?

Calcification is more common in women and over the age of 50. In fact, although this may vary regionally, we can say that individuals who do not have a sports infrastructure, who are overweight and who stand a lot are more at risk, and that sooner or later they will have calcification in their knees.

PRP treatment, which has been very popular recently, is applied as a treatment. PRP treatment, which is carried out using people’s own blood, has an effect that accelerates the recovery in cases where the body’s own mechanism is insufficient. the most suitable one is selected. The important thing here is to apply the appropriate injection to the appropriate patient.

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