Don’t let the semester break be a nightmare


Report Card Didn’t Come As We Expected, What To Do Now?

Dear parents, some important issues should not be overlooked so that the semester break, which started as of 28.01.2011 and is planned to end as of 14.02.2011, and which is awaited by educators as well as students in the education community, is not a nightmare for you and your children.

It is in your hands to spend the semester break as a full holiday. In this process, my advice to you is to avoid forcing your children to work such as courses, private teaching institutions, accelerated labor camps, study centers in order to put pressure on their studies or to increase their grades. This can ruin both your and your child’s vacation. No matter what his report card is, you should not forget that he goes to school, classroom, course, study center and similar places constantly during a semester, and he wears out by studying for a semester and trying to catch up with something. Their worn-out minds and tired bodies take a sigh of relief with the arrival of the holiday, so during this relaxation and mental stretching, the school to be opened in fifteen days, the courses to begin, the grades to be corrected, the performance that needs to be improved can cause the child to get out of the holiday mode and get stressed. Yes, his classes may not be as good as expected, and he may not have fulfilled his responsibilities during the semester, in your opinion, but none of this should result in a semester break or a busy schedule to make up for the entire semester. The holiday is an opportunity to relax and relieve our tiredness, to start the new period more energetic and more prepared. We should take advantage of this opportunity and remember that a two-week study program may do more harm than good.

What if my child gets away from school while on vacation?

Dear parents, do not have any concerns or reservations about this, because two weeks is a short period of time that children will not drop out of school and will not adversely affect their performance. That is why it has been determined by experts as in the middle of the academic year and for a period of only fifteen days. Before our children fully realize that they are on holiday, the holiday ends and the second half year begins. Therefore, do not have any fears that the semester break will alienate your children from school or negatively affect their performance in the second semester.

So How Should We Evaluate the Semester Holiday?

We should not put pressure on our children about how they will spend their holidays, what they will do, and who they want to be with. As our economy allows, we should determine a program in line with the wishes of our children and give them the opportunity to relieve their tiredness. While making the holiday program, we should definitely take the opinion of our child and give importance to his wishes and needs.

In addition to this, we can recommend that he/she repeat the courses of the previous semester in a superficial manner within the framework of a program determined by himself/herself in order to be prepared for the second semester, which will start with the end of the holiday, and to make preliminary preparations for the courses of the second semester whenever he finds time. But these should only remain in the dose of advice and should not turn into coercion and sanctions.

In short, the semester break should not be turned into a process full of activities that children do not prefer and are forced to do, such as fixing weak lessons, going to the country and visiting friends, helping mothers at home, fathers at work, going to courses, labor camps, private lessons.

Happy holidays everyone =)

Serap Melek Sergeant KILIÇ

Family Therapist – Pedagogue

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