Don’t let the change of season keep you depressed

A season when the sun doesn’t warm much anymore, the blowing wind and the frost call you to bed. Your soul does not want to do anything. Whether you sleep, sleep, sleep… At work, at school, on the road, an unhappiness reigns in your body. Even if you don’t work, even if it snows, even if the schools are on vacation. You are often distracted and not to mention the increased forgetfulness. You eat more and your fatigue is with you all day. Instead of meeting with your relatives, friends, going out or traveling, it seems like old season TV series are easier at home. However, you had a lot of work in the summer that you enjoyed, but now nothing gives you enough pleasure.

  • Or is seasonal depression knocking on your door?

Of course, there are many types and causes of depression. Seasonal depression, on the other hand, is a mood disorder experienced due to decreased daylight, especially during the transition from autumn to winter, although there is no situation that will cause sadness or stress. It occurs at similar times each year and significantly reduces the quality of life of the person.

  • So what can we do to avoid getting depressed during this period?

First of all, we need to change our way of life. As long as you don’t get out of bed, the probability of a good event that day is zero.

It is necessary to take advantage of daylight, especially in the morning and afternoon. If you work and are in the office all day, this will be easier on your way to work in the morning.

Walking is one of the freest, most enjoyable and stress reliever ways.

A 1-hour walk at least 2-3 days a week or a brisk walk for half an hour every day will be quite good.

Regular sleep and healthy eating are important not only in these seasons, but in every period.
You can take advantage of the necessary supplements by consulting your doctor.

Smiling is contagious. In particular, it is transmitted to humans from itself. It is better to smile in the mirror every morning, even while shaving or putting on makeup, than to start the day unhappy.
Get a hobby. Producing increases self-confidence, it will be good.

Do lots of activities, socialize. Even if you don’t feel like it at that time, when you do activities, meet with your friends, and go out, maybe you will see that the pleasure you get is more than you expected before doing the action.

I wish you a pleasant autumn-winter season away from depression.

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