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Flat feet, which is a problem that negatively affects a person’s quality of life, is a condition in which the normal inner foot arch is flat. While the normal sole of the foot has a curved structure, flatfoot can be defined as the absence of arch in the foot and increased contact with the ground.

The foot has an important role in carrying the load and provides the springing movement by taking forward acceleration from the heel. In order for the foot to perform this movement, there must be an inner arch. If this curve is absent or insufficient, it means you have flat feet.

Flat feet usually occur when parents notice this in their children. It would be helpful to wait until about 4 years of age to determine that a child has flat feet. Because up to the age of 4, a fat pad forms on the sole of the foot. The melting of this fat pad and the formation of the shape of the foot generally occur after 4 years of age.

What are the symptoms?

Flat feet can be congenital or can occur later. Early fatigue, frequent pain in the feet, ingrown feet, occasional low back pain, decrease in sports ability, knees colliding with each other, calcification in the waist are among the symptoms of this problem.

If the disease is not treated, it can cause many problems. For example, after a while, problems such as not being able to walk the distance always walked, deformity of the joints in the feet, knee pain, deformity in the heel may occur. In fact, over time, there may be shape changes in the feet and then in the fingers.

On the other hand, flat feet may cause a feeling of stinging in the feet, knees and heels in the later stages. As with any disease, early diagnosis is very important in flat feet. As soon as it is noticed, the necessary precautions should be taken by consulting the orthopedic doctor.

In the advanced stage, surgery may be required.

In the treatment of flat feet, a change of shoes is recommended first. Correct and supportive shoes should be worn and tight shoes should not be used. Orthopedic insoles recommended by the doctor, specially designed for the foot, help relieve pain and prevent the progression of the deformity.

Surgery may be required in advanced stages where insoles treatment is not sufficient, that is, after the foot begins to deform. It should not be forgotten that untreated flat feet can cause some injuries. For this reason, this problem, which is seen in both adults and children, should be emphasized and treatment should not be delayed.

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