Don’t have a performance anxiety nightmare

P Performance Anxiety is the Feeling of Boredom that arises during exam times, making a presentation in front of a crowd, speaking with authority, performing an activity that is aimed to result in success, etc. In fact, every person experiences some anxiety in situations that require performance. It is possible to say that men are more affected when it comes to sexuality. However, there are publications that it is frequently seen in individuals with perfectionist personality traits. Will I be able to make minds constantly because perfectionists are always looking for the better, the most beautiful? will i succeed? Because they are full of questions, they become incapable of doing business with the fear of either failing or failing.

Most people want to show high performance in different areas of life and use their potential as much as possible. Worry about failure may arise from the individual’s perceptions and attitudes towards himself, as well as the difficulty of any job or activity to be done. From this point of view, the Self-Esteem of the person comes to the fore. Self or Self-Esteem can be defined as the individual’s self-love and self-satisfaction.

One of the effective ways to overcome Performance Anxiety is to address the feared situation. Because avoidance behavior causes the existing problem to grow even more. Mental imagination, Systematic Desensitization and some Behavioral methods can be applied to reduce the feeling of boredom. For example, focusing on an object among the community instead of looking into the eyes of the people in the environment while making a presentation helps to reduce the symptoms such as heart palpitations and trembling sweating caused by excitement.

If the individual has difficulty in controlling this extreme emotional state with his own coping methods, if he is experiencing serious obstacles in his professional and social life, it is inevitable to get Professional Support… Expert Psychologist Elmas İNCE KALE

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