Don’t Feed Your Migraine

Even if you don’t have migraines, you must have come across someone close to you who complains of migraine pain. Migraine is a common, primary headache disorder that usually develops in attacks and causes severe pain. Although the exact cause of migraine is not fully understood, it is known that many factors trigger migraine.

Individuals with migraine tend to avoid loud noise and bright light and say that it increases their pain. Have you ever thought that you can feed your migraine with what you eat?

Dietary triggers are also a common cause of attacks. People can improve their quality of life by limiting these foods in the diet.

  • Cheese

  • Chocolate

  • Caffeine

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Milk

  • Pickled foods

  • Ready meat-chicken stock tablets

  • Processed meats (salami, sausage..)

  • Citrus fruits are the foods most commonly associated with migraine.

Although these foods have different effects individually, you can find triggers specific to you by removing these foods from your diet for a while.

Not only foods, but also meal timing has an effect on migraine attacks. Avoiding hunger for a long time, eating frequently with snacks, having a late dinner, and having night snacks can prevent headaches.

However, many risk factors that cause migraine change the water balance and this may increase the susceptibility of migraine sufferers to water deficiency.

Although many people resort to the consumption of tea and coffee to increase their fluid intake, it is known that tea and coffee increase the severity of migraine.

Adequate water consumption, independent of fluid intake, is of great importance for migraine. Adequate and regular water consumption reduces both the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.

In summary,

1- Remove trigger foods from your diet,

2-Do not stay hungry for a long time,

3-Don’t forget to drink water! Healthy days …

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