Don’t be afraid of cancer, there is technology now!

Thanks to advanced technology devices, skin damage, urinary burns or bowel damage seen during treatment in patients who underwent radiotherapy in the past years have become very rare. For many years, we have known that the higher the dose of radiotherapy, the more effective it is, but we could not give the desired doses because the old treatment devices were targeting the tumor and harming the healthy tissue. The devices we have in recent years are able to protect the surrounding tissue at the maximum level while giving high doses to the point we want, so we can safely deliver the high dose that will eliminate the tumor. For example, in the past years, when breast cancer was treated, the heart dose would have been so high that we would have lost patients not from breast cancer but from heart failure in the long term, but currently, the heart dose remains within extremely reliable limits in the same treatment.

One of the most important benefits of technology is that the devices used in the treatment better cover the shape of the target volume and reduce the amount of doses that healthy organs will receive. It shortens the treatment time. Thanks to its collimator structure with 5 times less leakage dose permeability, it minimizes the exposure of healthy organs to radiation and has the lowest values ​​in secondary cancer formation risks. This provides an important advantage especially in CHILDHOOD TUMORS.

Now We Do Personalized Treatment Like Fashionistas!

In the past years, we used very large areas because we could not see the area we treated clearly, so we applied radiotherapy to the larger area to treat the tumor, that is, we made everyone wear XL clothes, but since the devices we use now show us the area we treat every day, they are the most suitable for every patient, We have become able to do the “haute couture” treatment. Thanks to this treatment, we can only protect the healthy tissue while giving high doses to the tumor.

Bloodless Surgery with Radiotherapy!

For early-stage lung tumors that cannot be operated for any reason, it can be treated with success close to surgery by using the radio-surgery method, by giving a very high dose to only the tumor area, which is called “point shot” among the people, in 1-3 days.

Radiotherapy is now Shorter!

While radiotherapy is a treatment that can last for 5 to 8 weeks, thanks to its advanced technology features in the new era, it can perform treatments that were previously performed for long periods in 3 or 5 treatments in a short time and safely. We can perform the treatment that normally takes 8 weeks in 5 days of treatment for suitable prostate cancer patients, and the patient can stay in the hospital for a shorter time and return to his normal life.

Technology Brings Speed!

Treatment times are also 2-3 times faster, so that a fast and safe treatment can be performed without encountering the problems caused by being inactive for a long time, especially in patients with pain.

Patients Receiving Radiotherapy Can Continue Their Daily Lives!

The quality of life may be affected, albeit for a short time, in patients undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, but radiotherapy can continue their daily life with good planning and appropriate devices. Since side effects are rare and mild during radiotherapy, we recommend our patients to continue their routine work and life during treatment. Patients undergoing radiotherapy can go to work, drive, and walk around shopping malls. It is recommended to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose in order to protect themselves from sick people who may be around in public transportation vehicles. We should especially emphasize that the patient does not carry radiation in his body during radiotherapy, so there is no need to isolate himself from society.

How Nutrition Should Be During Radiotherapy!

It is necessary to consume a minimum of 2 liters of liquid per day to ensure the moisture of the skin.

Acidic drinks are not recommended. It is recommended to consume water, ayran and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Smoking and alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Since turmeric, ginger and kefir have positive effects on the body’s defense system, it is beneficial to consume during radiotherapy.

When choosing a meal, it is necessary to choose juicy foods such as soup and compote as much as possible, and soft foods such as vegetable puree or meat puree.

Protein-containing foods are very important in the treatment of cancer, so it is very useful to consume broth and chicken broth soups. Red meat can be easily consumed once a week in boiled style. We recommend our patients undergoing treatment to consume an egg every day.

Although we do not have conclusive evidence, we do not recommend sugary foods, but the sugar taken in fruits is outside of this, so we recommend our patients to be fed with fruit and vegetables.

There is no harm in using honey, but more than two spoons a day is not recommended.

We recommend grape juice and tomato juice for their antioxidant properties, provided that they are freshly squeezed for patients undergoing treatment.

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