Doesn’t a man cry?

It’s hard to be a man. Most of our lives have become more stressful and restless due to the cliché “men don’t cry”, which was imposed in early childhood. In fact, the instinct to watch over, protect, protect, do something for his wife, even if the woman does not demand it, has become a phenomenon that oppresses many of our fellows. Because this burden is often too much and heavy for us. But when there is “masculinity” in the series, no one can say that I can’t do it either, everyone either runs away, avoids or becomes aggressive and aggressive. Well, don’t men really cry? When men fail to provide information, leave sentences unfinished, or express something in an evasive way, they are most likely trying to avoid embarrassment. Shame is consciously experienced and it’s okay if we find a way to talk about it. The problem is often when they are not aware that they are ashamed. Men project shame, which they are not aware of, to their wives.

Women, on the other hand, have an excessive capacity for shame. As a result, relationships emerge that fall into a spiral of destructive arguments without knowing the root cause. Although women seem like helpless victims, after a while, the real victim becomes the person himself. Men now need to open up more, but the content of their conversation is not different from before, they often use expressions devoid of emotion. The reason why men are more capable of enduring when faced with a devastating event than women is because they fear spiritual pain and turn their suffering into philosophy or activities. This gives them some advantages. For example, having the ability to think calmly and clearly under stress brings many advantages to men in business life. On the rare occasions when men feel something, it is necessary to listen carefully. If we can invite men to gracefully relax, the stone walls become porous and men not only talk but become poets.

Boys, on the one hand, love their mothers passionately, on the one hand, their father and siblings, on the other hand, the television constantly sends messages such as “boys are tough, control your emotions and don’t play with girls”. While the child moves away from his mother, he continues to carry the femininity given by his mother. But the external and internal pressures of men continue to exist. Finally, the child sends the femininity given by his mother to the inexpressible world of the unconscious. This unconscious way of dealing with femininity is central to male development. From this perspective, men’s lack of emotion is a protective antidote to their own womanly desires. Men’s desire to get rid of their responsibilities represents the unconscious desire to return to that time that stood with the mother, when it was not forbidden to shed tears, including tears of joy. Whereas, men must be successful and are expected to remain on stage. Psychological impotence represents the man’s secret desire to lower his masculinity shields and find a feminine place to rest.

In many marriages, men think and women feel. It is the woman’s hysteria that keeps the man calm and rational, even though the couples complain about each other in the image. What he really fears is his inner feelings, not the outside. The woman, on the other hand, is content with the job of dealing with emotions, although she wants a wife with “feelings”. What she doesn’t want is to think, make business decisions, and do man’s stuff, she. Man’s feeling, approving; We talk about the male-female division in couples where the woman assumes the figures who think, earn money, and support the family. The woman of this couple states that she wants a man who will protect her, and the man wants a more sensitive and accepting woman. But the problem is not solved by finding the right mate. The solution is to transform oneself into the right mate. While men may not appear to be graceful, sensitive, their actions and some signs show that they actually want to act that way. But they can only achieve this if they seek it on their own initiative. They cannot be expected to achieve this while under the direct influence of a woman. The first thing women should do in their bilateral relations is not to put the woman inside the man, but to accept his masculinity. Well, what can we say if we ask the question “What Do Women Want?” for men, which has been said about women for centuries and is still being researched. Let’s summarize it like this; ‘For men, as much as their wives are beautiful, sexy and attractive. smiling and sweet-talkingto be and It is also very important that he needs himself . In fact, there is a prince charming among men. More than anything, they want to protect and watch over the woman they love. Standing ready to help, men want their wives to be female because they like to see that they are needed. In fact, the determinant of men’s ideal woman image is femininity, in other words, women’s ability to use their feminine features. In order for a woman to reveal her feminine energy, she needs to make her feel that she is a woman not only in bed, but also in daily life, among her friends, at work, when going to the market and all the time. Also, men take pride in having their wives consult them, seeing their needs and fulfilling their wishes. But for this, they need words of praise, support, in short, flattery and honor. They do not like to see their faults and their faults being put on their faces by their spouses. In other words, when they do something good, they expect it to be seen and appreciated with words of praise. But being a man who knows himself, realizes his own shortcomings and weaknesses, and has a partner who supports and approves him despite these states, is also very enjoyable. Let’s not forget that we can have healthy and satisfying relationships by hugging and sharing with love, dear men..

With love…

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