Does Your Relationship Have a Compass?

The Relationship Compass method, which is a Family and Marriage Therapy Model, is a psychotherapy method that informs couples about the problems they are experiencing, guides them on how to take the right steps, and helps you identify the factors that hinder communication and cause the problem to grow.

Many couples believe that family and marital therapy should only be taken when it comes to separation or divorce. However, this belief often leads to further injury or even termination of the relationship.

However, couples therapy should be started the moment you think that the problems you are experiencing are interfering with the quality of your daily life.

In general, one of the most common problems that couples experience in a relationship is that despite being in the same problem cycle for a long time, they show the same reactions every time and wait for their partners to take steps to solve this problem. For example, one of the couples who want to spend time outside on the weekends without expressing this (or acting by thinking that he has expressed it once in the first years of the relationship) has an expectation and because this expectation is not fulfilled, he exhibits resentment behavior that can cause a wound in his good relationship, which can lead to the deterioration of the relationship.

Some of the Topics Taken on the Agenda in the Relationship Compass are as follows;

-Identification of emergencies affecting the relationship,

– Identifying the factors affecting the energy of the relationship (We energy) and reactivating the we energy,

-Informing the couple/partners about the healthy family structure,

-Identification of reconciliation styles in the relationship cycle and abandonment of worn reconciliation styles,

– Addressing the problems experienced in emotional transference and guiding the couple/partner on how to provide a healthy exchange of emotions,

-Planning of practical assignments for the development of problem solving skills

-Deception or deception (infidelity) problems,

Addressing sexual problems or improving the quality of sexual life.

The Relationship Compass is a method that helps the partners to establish a better communication and develop a healthier and stronger relationship skills while helping them find their direction in disoriented relationships.

How Long Does the Process Take According to the Relationship Compass Model?

Couples therapy is a process of change and transformation. Therefore, it is really valuable for us that both people are interested and willing to the therapy process. Because we will enter a process that will continue with homework and we will proceed step by step.

We usually meet once a week and sometimes twice a month, completely according to the wishes and demands of the clients. We enter the session with couples (both spouses/partners). We rarely have one-on-one meetings when it comes to cheating. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

After the first four sessions, we make an evaluation. In this time frame;

-Did the couple adapt to the process?

-Is it open to change?

-Can they complete their homework or is there an individual problem that prevents this situation?

After reviewing such topics, we complete the process in approximately 12 sessions and realize the change.

If Your Spouse Does Not Want To Participate In The Therapy Process!

Although you fully believe that you can solve the problems you have in your relationship with couples therapy and that you can benefit from the therapy process, your spouse/partner may not want to participate in this process.

So what can you do in such a situation? 

I would like to state that you cannot force your spouse/partner into the therapy process. If your spouse does not want to participate in such a counseling process, the healthiest thing you can do is to get professional individual support on the problems you encounter by getting individual counseling.

What is going on in this process, maybe your spouse/partner does not need this counseling process?Or Why is this problem affecting your life so much, while your spouse/partner can remain indifferent or remain indifferent to the process?You go through a process that can help you understand the answers to your questions.

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