Does your child produce words appropriate for his age?

◾️ 7-12 months: 1-2 words
◾️12-15 months: 8-10 words
◾️15-24 months: 50-100 words
◾️24 months: 200-300 words
◾️30 months: 350-400 words
◾️36 months: 800-900 words
◾️4 years and older: 1500 words

⚠️ Speech development in children should be completed at the age of 2.5 years. At this age, they talk not only by their family; It must be understandable by the people around it.

⚠️Your 2-3 year old child should be able to say sentences of two to three words and produce enough words.

⚠️If these developments are not observed, you should suspect speech delay and take your child to a Speech Disorder Specialist.

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