Does Stressful Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

Stress during pregnancy is harmful to both mother and baby. According to studies conducted in recent years, the stress to be experienced during pregnancy causes irreversible damage to the physical and mental health of the baby. Being exposed to stress during pregnancy begins to affect the brain development of babies from the 17th week. Many studies on animals and humans reveal that stress increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth. Stress also causes low birth weight, decreased mental functions of the baby, attention deficit, hyperactivity and extreme irritability. It is extremely important to identify stressful situations and eliminate them in a short time.

Major Causes of Stress During Pregnancy

There are many physiological and psychological changes in the body during pregnancy. Feeling inadequate for the expectant mother, the stress experienced while waiting for the test results and the results of the health checks, the discomfort of the changes in the body, the worries about the birth process, pains and pains, the concerns about the health of the baby, the responsibility of having a child, the economic difficulties and the unintentional Pregnancy experiences are some of the main sources of stress during pregnancy. The constant state of sadness, concentration disorder, sleep disturbance, hopelessness, anxiety, forgetfulness and crying attacks brought on by pregnancy depression, which is seen in approximately 10% to 20% of expectant mothers, are the conditions that put the pregnancy and the future of the baby at risk. These situations affect the baby and the mother, as well as the problems that deeply shake the father-to-be and the relationship.

The Effect of Stress on the Baby

The risk of premature birth increases up to four times for expectant mothers who experience stress during pregnancy. Severe stress and hopelessness experienced during pregnancy significantly increase the cortisol level of the baby. This causes the baby to be more anxious in later ages. The stress experienced during pregnancy also affects the baby significantly in the postpartum period. Babies who have been exposed to pregnancy stress have a lack of intelligence, low attention, retardation in language skills and depressive disorders at the age of 3-5. Especially the stress experienced between the 12th and 22nd weeks of pregnancy causes the baby to have attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder when it reaches puberty.

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