Does my baby hear normally?

There are some tests available to determine if your child has hearing loss. to these tests
Before applying, it is necessary to know the issues that increase the risk of hearing loss.

Could infections during pregnancy be related to the child’s hearing?

Some viral infections, especially rubella, can cause congenital hearing loss.
In addition, unconsciously used drugs can cause the same result.

In which situations should we suspect hearing loss in a newborn (up to 1 month)?

If there is a low birth weight (1500 grams or less)
If you have had meningitis
If exchange transfusion was performed due to jaundice or if inappropriate drugs were used
If there is an abnormality in the appearance of the face and ears
If the patient stays in the intensive care unit for more than 1 week, the risk of hearing loss is increased.
What issues should be considered after the newborn period up to 6 months?

Again, whether he has had a disease such as meningitis or head trauma (hitting his head – falling), neurological
whether he has a disorder, as well as careless use of antibiotics,
Does not respond to noise
Doesn’t turn his head towards your voice
Does not imitate sounds
If fluid collects in the ear or there is frequent otitis media, various degrees of hearing loss have developed.
(more common after 6 months)
Children between the ages of 6 months and 1 should be able to make speech sounds, familiar objects and persons when asked.
should be able to show.
What are the factors that suggest hearing loss in children aged 1-2 years?

If insensitive to sounds, backwards from children of the same age in terms of speech,
Hearing loss should be suspected if it is necessary to open it and if there are frequently recurring middle ear problems.

What to do ?

Hearing done in the first days after birth to understand whether there is congenital hearing loss
test is routine practice in many developed countries. Hearing tests do not harm the child. Subsequent
When you are in doubt during the periods, the tests that your doctor deems appropriate after the ENT examination
you should do it. Early-onset hearing loss also causes speech problems in children. Communication

The growth of the problems affects the psychological development of the child negatively.

Early intervention always helps the child overcome this problem more easily. Patients who need
surgery, hearing aid and/or speech therapy are applied.

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