Does Mercy Cause Disease?

Every living thing that comes into the world has been created with the seeds of compassion in its heart. Some of us have noticed these seeds and grown them with love, while some of us have not noticed the existence of these seeds and their effect has faded. But I would like to mention one detail so that no one will fall into despair. As a result of selfless treatment of a wilting flower, that flower will grow after a while, and when a person invests in his compassion, his compassion will be revived.

I would like all of our readers reading these lines to take a decision today and remove the thought of “compassion arises from a disease” as much as they can from their minds, and even decide to destroy this belief.

Mercy does not cause morbidity. Let’s not forget that if a disease is going to occur, it is not because of the mercy we show, but because of the mercilessness of the person in front of us. The merciless heart is the murderer of goodness.

The heart symbolizes the spiritual center within us, and there is mercy and goodness in the creation of the heart. Persistence in bad behavior darkens the heart, the person whose heart darkens loses his compassion, the heart of the person who loses his compassion is sick. A person whose heart is sick cannot taste the peace of compassion. Mercy; It is the complement of feelings, thoughts and virtues. Kindness, compassion, humility, justice and many more…

of the person; His positive attitudes and behaviors towards every living thing and nature are the reflection of the fountain of compassion cascading in his heart. At this point, I would like to tell you the story of Scorpion and Dervish.

The Story of the Scorpion and the Dervish

Dervish wants to save the scorpion that fell into the water. When he dips his hand into the water to save him, the scorpion stings his hand.

After a while, the dervish tries to remove the scorpion again and the scorpion stings his hand again.

Those who see this will say why are you helping this scorpion that hurts you even though you want to do good. Dervish’s answer is meaningful.

-“There is sting in the nature of the scorpion, but there is love and mercy in my nature. Should I change my disposition just because the scorpion is doing what it needs?”

I have observed this. It is as if a part of us is afraid of being good, doing good, living with a compassionate and soft heart, and sometimes tries to stay away from doing good. But it should not be forgotten that trying to stay away from the emotions in your existence only harms the person himself and decreases his life. We stay away from the thought that I will be treated badly, maybe by doing good and showing our mercy. But let’s not forget! Staying silent and staying away so that I will not be subjected to cruelty, wrongdoing and ill-treatment means not speaking out and supporting the cruelty of the oppressor. We have to stand up against the ruthlessness of the oppressor who persecutes the oppressed, and I must add this; It happens that if we are directly shocked and harm someone with our ruthlessness, we will harm the whole of humanity.

I would like to end my article with a few passages from Master Necip Fazıl Kısakürek’s work called Reis Bey.

The innocent prisoner says:

– “Prince sir! You cannot cry! If you could cry, you would understand. You believed that only evil can arise out of compassion and pity. Instead, you’re right. But because you forget what good will come from it, you lose the greatest right! Mercy has been removed from your heart! You are driving through the ice desert! Mister king! I wish your sealed heart to be opened. ”

Mr. Reis:

-“Instead of reinforcing the power of evil in man by beating, to soften it hohla to hula. Mercy! The elixir we need like air and water… A power that will turn a society upside down. The child I mercilessly took to death; me, “You’re on your way through the ice desert.” he said. All of us, all of humanity, are traveling through the ice desert! Even the breaths we take freeze into sharp rocks. We stab with the eyes while looking, and poison with the ears when we listen! The palate is dirty, the hand is freezing! We do not know the laws of all these, but we are trying to make laws! will it ever happen? You raise the tiger, feed it, then lasso, pull the rope just because it claws! Pity the tiger, it is a sin to the tiger, mercy!


-Then, are the measures of punishment, rights, justice and laws superfluous?

– Mr. Chief:

Not like that! These are measures on internal treatment, such as when the doctor is forced to prune a whole limb when he cannot find a cure.


-Sorry. Even if mercy is bread, if it is distributed to all humanity in slices, nothing will fall into your share, this is the cursed thing!

Surely the dawn comes at the end of the night. Let us not lose our compassion and hope. I wish you a merciful life.

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