Does man or society change man? On the question (chain necklace metaphor)

It seems impossible to give a full answer to this question. As an answer, those on both sides of the question have their own merits, and I’m sure they can strongly defend these answers.

In fact, an old researcher uncle, who is my next door neighbor in the office where my office is located, is quite insistent that society changes as the masses change, and we have a discussion with him for at least 10 minutes every day 🙂

My answer to this question is that as people change, society will change. In my opinion, all the individuals that make up the society are connected to each other by chains. For example, let’s imagine a necklace consisting of chains. You want to paint one of these chains yellow and you are painting it. When I develop such a metaphorical idea, I think that society will change as people change. We are all interconnected in some way and are painted with each other’s paint.

-Just as when a sad person comes to our environment, we all experience some declines in our mood or our minds are separated from the clouds of sadness, where our energy rises when a happy person comes.-

People who have experienced a serious blockage in their life and have applied to mental health services with this blockage for a while will understand this more easily.

Of course, mental health professionals and those who apply for this service know very well that when a family member starts their own counseling process, other members of the household experience a disorder or blockage that we do not know how. For this reason, if you are in a family and you are starting your own individual process, you should also apply to family counseling service so that other individuals who are stuck at home do not affect your process.

Something here caught your attention? The family can be considered as the smallest unit of society, namely a minimal society. Here, when a person starts his own individual process, there are changes in this mini-society, for better or for worse. This is a result that somewhat confirms my hypothesis.

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