Does Interview Frequency Affect the Relationship?

There is no clear-cut answer to how much time couples should spend together. Whether you’ve stepped into a new relationship, been in a relationship for a few months, or have been together for years, it can be difficult to figure out how to find the balance between seeing your partner and the time you devote to your work and the rest of your life.

While it can be difficult to generalize given the uniqueness and originality of each relationship, this article can give you some thoughtful ideas and suggestions about how often you should see your partner.

Jennifer Silvershein, founder of Manhattan Wellness, which specializes in dating and relationship counseling for millennial women, says people often get caught up in a relationship and start losing themselves early. Before you meet this person who has entered your life, you quickly begin to let go of your plans for yourself and others to spend time with them. By getting caught up in the energy of your new budding love story, you get lost in your environment for a while or for the next time, by withdrawing into a kind of relationship isolation.

This not only puts your existing relationships in jeopardy, it also means that you are not giving yourself the appropriate amount of time for a relationship to take its natural course. And a burst of love-filled endorphins can also make you miss some signs and red flags.

Alright ‘See you once a week. Can the ‘ rule avoid some problems? There is no definitively “right” way to start and maintain a relationship, but being mindful is an approach that often yields better results. Rushing things early can ruin many ‘good’ relationships.

So maybe we could say that the best way to preserve a new relationship is to be careful and not see each other too often?

Thanks to this method:

By getting to know the other person little by little, you can better see if he or she is a suitable person for you. In this way, without losing yourself, you can be more yourself, less anxious, less fragile. The transition becomes more beautiful and smooth. You can protect and increase the quality of the time you spend together.

You can maintain ties with your friends and family.

You will save your emerging relationship from fast consumption.

“Once you’re more comfortable in a relationship and habits begin to form over time, that’s natural progression,” says Silvershein. First of all, remember: this person in your life should be a planet in your galaxy, not your world.

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