Does high protein consumption really matter?

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Today I want to talk a little bit about protein consumption. Recently, we can see the phrase “increased protein” on all products. What if we’re getting more protein than we should?

The amount of protein we need to take daily is at a certain level. And if we are on a plant-based diet, this amount may increase slightly, for example, someone on a vegetarian diet should get 1.2 g of protein per kg, while someone who eats better quality protein should get 0.8 g per kilogram. May need protein.

If we look at the protein ranking of some foods;
◀︎ The same amount of white meat contains more protein than red meat; (red meat 17-18 gr, chicken and fish 19 gr)
◀︎ Of cereals, tarhana contains more protein than bulgur.
◀︎ Again, surprisingly, corn contains more protein than rice.

Knowing the protein values ​​of foods can be vital, especially if we are vegetarian or in a situation where protein needs are high (such as pregnancy and infection).

However, if our protein consumption is good, there is no need to consume foods with extra protein. Because we know that consumption of protein more than twice the requirement increases calcium excretion and increases the urea excretion load of liver and kidneys.

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