Does Diet Strengthen or Lower the Immune System?

The immune system is the defense mechanism of our body and continues to work day and night. Thus, it protects us against diseases and allows us to have a better quality of life. Keeping our immune system strong also reduces the risk of getting diseases.

We also have a lot to say when it comes to the immune system and diet. The immune system is not only affected by what we eat. Diseases we go through, wrong food choices, malnutrition, drugs we use, even our mental health status have a say on our immune system. For this reason, we cannot expect it to remain unchanged for life because from time to time the room may need our support. There is no miraculous way to strengthen our immune system, but one of its strongest foundations is a balanced and adequate diet.

The immune system, which begins to take shape while still in the mother’s womb, turns into a system suitable for us over time. In other words, there is an innate and acquired immune system. At this point, I don’t find it right to use the word ‘diet’ since the subject I want to emphasize is ‘healthy nutrition’. Because if it means dieting for the sake of losing weight, eating only one type of diet, depriving the body of vitamins and minerals, and doing random detoxes, yes, this lowers the immune system. When you complete the nutrients your body needs with the right amounts and combinations, it turns into a healthy diet. A healthy diet is your best guide to a strong immune system.

Scientific studies prove the negative effects of insufficient sleep and an inactive life on the immune system. A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity by bringing with it excess weight. Obesity, on the other hand, does not only disturb you in terms of physical appearance, but also carries with it many important problems. Diabetes, insulin resistance, sleep apnea and cardiovascular diseases are only some of the negative effects associated with obesity. At this point, it is necessary to get rid of excess weight with a healthy nutrition guide and to minimize the risk factors that come with it. In this way, the doors of an active life are opened.

So How Can We Strengthen Our Immune System While Dieting?

  • Adequate amounts of vegetables and fruits should be consumed every day.

  • Adequate protein intake should be considered.

  • Fish can be consumed twice a week.

  • Vegetables containing beta carotene (green leafy, yellow, orange, red vegetables) can be consumed.

  • Oil seeds (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.) can be consumed as needed.

  • Regular exercise can be done

Your health is the most guaranteed way to live a quality life. This path will be shaped by your preferences. In short, do you want to walk healthily on a long and beautiful road or by seeking your health on a short and bumpy road? Maintain your ideal weight and health, and stay healthy with a healthy nutrition program prepared for you.

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