Does breast milk rot teeth?

Breast milk is a unique food that contains all the nutrients for a child’s growth and development, and protects the child against many diseases, including tooth decay.


Long-term breastfeeding, sleeping at the breast, the inability to stay and clean the milk plaque on the females, although there is no increased oral bacteria in the baby; The acidic structure of milk can cause erosion on the tooth surface when it comes into contact with milk teeth that are not strong in mineral structure for a long time.

Breast milk contains a milk sugar called lactose. When it is given to the child frequently during the night after the age of one, it remains on the tooth surface for a long time without being cleaned and may cause tooth decay. If the same habits continue for a long time, the decay that starts in the front teeth of the baby can spread to all milk teeth. As a result, it should be known and paid attention that breast milk given to babies after the age of 1 may also cause cavities due to the sugar in it.

For this reason, we should try to feed your baby with breast milk, but we should clean the tooth surfaces after feeding so that the teeth do not rot.

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