The Latin word vertigo means “to turn”. It is used in the sense of “dizziness” in medical science. As a result of the wrong neurological stimuli coming from the balance systems in our body’s nature or the wrong perception of the correct neurological stimuli coming from these systems by the body; imbalances occur in the position of the body, especially a clinical picture that is perceived as dizziness occurs.

Vertigo is a kind of illusion of dizziness. It always worsens with head movement. There is no loss of consciousness. The most common cause of recurrent vertigo is positional vertigo. If the neurological examination of people with recurrent vertigo is normal for many years, positional vertigo is diagnosed.

In vertigo (positional vertigo), which we have briefly described above, a very high success is achieved with acupuncture treatment. Since acupuncture, which is a drug-free and side-effect treatment, is given neuronal stimuli that regulate the balance systems in the body; Incorrect neurological signals in the inner ear-cerebellum-cerebral cortex triangle are corrected and these systems regain their normal physiological functions.

Since acupuncture is a treatment that requires patience; It should be continued until the end of the treatment with sessions to be repeated at regular intervals. In the treatment of vertigo, a treatment of at least 10-15 sessions, twice a week, should be planned. As soon as the acupuncture treatment is started, the drugs used by the patient for vertigo should be discontinued.

With acupuncture treatment in vertigo, there is mostly improvement and no recurrence is observed in the follow-up of the cases.

As a result; In all cases of positional vertigo (which is the most common type of vertigo), as a drug-free and side-effect treatment option, acupuncture will definitely be of great benefit to the patient.

Even though the world turns on its axis, don’t let your head spin! Stay healthy…

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