Does a Gluten-Free Diet Make You Lose Weight?

In our previous articles, we mentioned in which situations the gluten-free diet should be applied, but in recent years, the gluten-free diet is not only applied by individuals with gluten-related problems. Those who want to lose weight also apply to a gluten-free diet. There is also a perception that gluten-free products are healthier. Does a truly gluten-free diet help you lose weight? Is it true that he is healthier?

Do you find it reasonable to consume gluten-free bread, which contains at least twice as much fat as normal, and gluten-free pasta, which contains much more carbohydrates and sodium than regular pasta, to get rid of your extra pounds? Yes, you got it right, gluten-free products contain much more fat and carbohydrates than their gluten-containing counterparts. In other words, if you apply a gluten-free diet with the gluten-free products you see on the market shelves, this diet will return you as excess weight.

There is no scientific data that a gluten-free diet provides weight loss. However, instead of using the fat and carbohydrate-filled gluten-free counterparts in the markets, those who eliminate pasta and bread from their lives can lose weight because they reduce their calorie intake. However, this unsustainable diet will do you more harm than good. It is known that there is less protein, fiber, iron and vitamins such as folic acid, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin in gluten-free foods. Removing gluten-containing grains from your life can cause you to face many nutritional deficiencies and many diseases that these deficiencies can cause. For example, in a study I completed 3 years ago, 110,000 people were examined and it was stated that individuals who eliminated gluten from their lives had a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Although this increased risk is not directly related to gluten, it is due to decreased fiber intake.

In addition, we all know that the condition of being healthy is the bacteria in our intestines. Research shows that the most important factor in shaping our microbiota is how we eat, with a 57% share. Many studies investigating the effects of gluten-free nutrition on microbiota indicate that removing gluten from our lives for a very long time reduces our beneficial bacteria. The decrease in the number of our beneficial bacteria is a harbinger of a chronic inflammation that will begin in the body, and chronic inflammation is followed by many health problems.

To lose weight, you don’t have to follow a diet that is costly, difficult to maintain, and harmful to you and even your gut bacteria. If gluten isn’t a problem for you, removing it to lose weight isn’t going to be very sustainable!

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