Doctor Fear

For many children, going to the doctor is at the top of their fears. Even when he sees a hospital or sees a white coat, he starts to feel negative. There are many fears in childhood, but some fears are learned later. The first of these is the fear of the hospital, doctor, needle or nurse due to the negative experience.

Things to Do to Overcome Fear of the Doctor

  • First of all, if you are a mother and father, you must overcome your fears. It should not be forgotten that children learn by observing. In addition, mothers and fathers who exhibit comfortable behaviors during their own illness may panic when it comes to their children’s work. This makes the child perceive that there is a problematic situation.

  • Every child has a favorite cartoon character or character that he/she portrays in his/her dreams. First of all, he should talk to your child about the characteristics of this character and treat his parents by taking the place of his own hero.

  • Wearing a white coat and giving compliments about it makes her feel more valued.

  • The game of wearing a white coat and improving the games that he likes can be played.

  • Because of this fear, his body movements will be limited and his body will be tense, so it is important to do relaxation exercises before the games.

  • Before the doctor’s examination, it is necessary to talk clearly and briefly with the child. Lying to the child will shake their trust in you.

  • If you know the procedures to be done in advance, talking about these procedures with the child before going to the doctor will help him relax.

  • For the child who is afraid of the doctor because of his fear of needles, it is important to prepare a potion in a toy needle and to make his toys drink it and play games.

  • Playing games with doctor jokes with lots of laughter and nonsense will actually cause the perception that this process is a natural one.

  • Despite everything, getting help for negative experiences and having an experience again without solving the problems related to this issue will increase their negative feelings.

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