Do you want to regain the beauties that time has taken away from you?

Do you want to regain the beauties that time has taken away from you? This question especially seduces women. Well, when you see the first wrinkle on your face, you are offended by the mirrors, and when your eyelids succumb to gravity, ‘Alas, am I getting old?’ Would you like to know the aesthetic calendar of the woman who is worried?

20’s 30’s

In the image that changes with the age of the person, the subject that will disturb him in his youth is the details about his face. In the 20s and 30s, the most common nose operation is performed.

Breast problems are also experienced more frequently in these periods. Since small or large breast problems negatively affect the psychology of young girls and even their back health, it is essential to solve these problems first of all during the youth period.

30’s 40’s

Body image becomes more prominent for women as the age passes through the age of marriage and moves towards middle age.

Sagging in the abdomen due to childbirth, inability to lose the weight gained during pregnancy, sagging in the breast, large or small breasts are the problems of the 30s and 402s.

80 out of every 100 women have a problem with their breasts. It is either large or small or drooping. All these situations directly shake the person with regard to body image and it has become a problem over time. At this age, it should not be too late to solve these problems.

40s and above

In older women, especially facial problems come to the fore. Eyelids are in the first place of problems. Because at the age of forties, eyelids drooped and bags formed. Buddha automatically gives the woman a tired, exhausted and sad expression. “Did you just wake up from sleep, did you cry, what’s wrong, why do you look bad, why do you look sad” is the common question of people. These questions make people uncomfortable.

By the age of 50, sagging, wrinkles and pits on the face come to the fore. At this point, it is necessary to stretch the face, fill it, reduce wrinkles.

Surgical applications may come to the fore for these procedures. If the patient is afraid, worried, does not actively think about surgical intervention, in the first place, the cavities can be easily filled by filling with botox or needles.

If there is a serious sagging, which includes the 60s. The only way to return the worn out face of the patient and what time has taken away is to lift the face.

The most important point to remember here is; It is knowing that you have a chance to regain the beauties that time has taken away, in the right hands and with the right team.

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