Do you want to get rid of your anxieties?

First of all, “Is anxiety a bad thing? Is it something we need to get rid of completely?
I want to give your answers. The answer is definitely; no. As long as the feeling of anxiety is actually in the dose
It is a very functional feeling that allows us to survive. That’s why it’s necessary. A feeling of anxiety
what makes it disorder is that the mind is in a bad state even though there is no real danger
It starts to secrete the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This
As a result, extreme anxiety, shortness of breath, trembling may occur. Many of us are ‘a causeless
We have the feeling that there is fear in me. This is how anxiety disorder (anxiety) can be summarized.
Now let’s see how we can control this state of extreme anxiety;
1) DON’T DELAY= It can be seen that there is a job that is constantly postponed under the feeling of unjustified anxiety.
If you feel like you are breaking into more than one part and therefore procrastinate
you can set SMALL TARGETS for yourself. The goals you set
You will see that your anxiety is alleviated as you do it. Focusing on the past or the future and procrastinating
It will make you feel much better to SUCCESSFULLY STAY IN THE MOMENT and take action instead of doing it.
2) ACCEPT = Whatever is causing you stress or anxiety, accept this anxiety.
face it. Denying it and pretending it doesn’t exist is like sweeping the dust under the rug
will not. As a matter of fact, this situation will lead to the feeling that I am feeling ”ANNON-REASONABLE ANNOUNCEMENT”. your anxiety
Maybe it’s because we don’t want to see it.
3) THERAPY SUPPORT AND BALANCED NUTRITION= Some foods we consume can trigger anxiety. This
foods; (coffee, tea, cola…). Some foods (bananas, fish, eggs, pumpkin seeds)
It helps to secrete the hormone serotonin, which is perfect for fighting anxiety. Besides
Getting psychological support is also very important. In such cases, relax with a therapist.
You can learn and develop some perspectives that will become permanent in your life.

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