Do you know what a single tooth extraction costs us?

We grow up knowing that we have thirty-two teeth in our mouth. Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, one nose, etc. Besides, “Thirty-two” is a pretty big number. For this reason, we do not consider it important even if one, two or even almost all of them are taken. As long as it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t bother us. However, this is not the truth behind the appearance.

We know that we have thirty-two teeth, but each of our teeth has a different task, and it is naturally removed if it is not considered necessary like other organs that are not used and are not used. For example, teeth named as wisdom teeth; Although it is necessary for us to chew food a lot during the herbivorous period, it undergoes natural selection because there is no need for chewing that much due to the food group we consume today and our cooking habits. So these teeth don’t come out evolutionarily. As it has been said for years, not thirty-two, but now most of us have twenty-eight teeth in our mouths.

All the teeth in the mouth are in harmony. Do we know what a single tooth extraction costs us?
Let’s order;

The teeth in front and behind will try to close the gap by lying down. Since the position of the teeth is tilted, their chewing functions and aesthetic posture will also be impaired.

· The middle line, which is of great importance in our aesthetics, will shift to the right or left.

The opposite (above or below) tooth may droop and cause problems to such an extent that it prevents jaw movements.

· The jawbone will begin to melt at a very rapid rate immediately after tooth extraction, and even if the deficiency is corrected with prostheses, the area that will continue continuously will collapse.

In order to chew better, we unconsciously tend to chew with the side with the full number of teeth. This creates asymmetry that disrupts the aesthetics of our face by making our facial muscles work harder on one side. Our face will slip.

Digestion begins in the mouth. Foods that are not chewed enough will cause stomach and intestinal problems.

We can prevent all this. For this, first of all, the correct brushing technique and the use of dental floss are necessary. Besides, let’s have a complaint; We must be examined by our doctor at least every six months.

Dr. Demet CAN


Gum Diseases and Surgery Specialist

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