Do Wires Decay My Tooth?

In this week’s article, let’s try to find the answer to a frequently asked question. Do braces cause tooth decay? First of all, a good oral care is an indispensable issue for everyone and should be continued. Genetic factors, dietary habits, systemic conditions and brushing habits are the main factors that determine the risk of dental caries.

Appliances applied by the physician during fixed orthodontic treatments create indented surfaces that can accelerate and increase the formation of the layer formed by food residues and bacteria, which are called retention areas because they cannot be removed by the patients. Cleaning these areas is the critical point of the job. For this reason, during these treatments, a much better cleaning is required compared to people who do not have any apparatus in their teeth. Orthodontic brushes, interface brushes and special dental floss called super floss should be used for this purpose.

People who have fixed braces treatment should brush their teeth for a longer period of time and after each meal. During this brushing, the parts of the braces facing the gums and the cutting-chewing surfaces of the teeth should be cleaned with the help of orthodontic brushes and the surfaces of the teeth facing each other should be cleaned with interface brushes. For this, medium-thickness interface brushes that can easily get under the wires are suitable. Today, thanks to these brushes, which are produced with caps and small handles, patients can easily carry their brushes with them and clean their teeth comfortably in any environment.

Wires do not have any tooth decaying effect due to their structure. The reason for the increase in dental caries during fixed orthodontic treatments is the difficulty in cleaning and the acceleration of food residue accumulation. In other words, fixed wires of any type do not pose a risk of caries as long as they are kept clean with good oral care and regularly.

For a person who already has a good brushing habit, it will not be difficult to maintain hygiene even when there are wires. However, in a person who does not have good oral care, the addition of braces to this environment may increase the risk of gum problems and caries. The physician has the chance to check all these situations and warn the patient during their controls. Good oral hygiene, with or without braces, is a condition that must be maintained for healthy teeth.

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