Do relationships work long distance?

Now, more than ten percent of Turkish people conduct their relations from a distance. every passing

more and more couples living apart due to working conditions and separating their relationships

have to run in cities. Sometimes the distances are not too far, sometimes

In order to see each other, couples have to travel by plane.

And many wonder if a long distance relationship can work.

is doing. According to experts, the most essential for a healthy long-distance relationship

The important thing is “will. Loving from a distance is not easy for both parties and their needs

does not satisfy. However, would such a relationship work???

Yes, such a relationship can work.

Whether or not such a relationship will work depends on many factors. This relationship is already

did it start from a distance from the start? That is – if one is in Izmir and the other is

He lives in Antalya – did this couple meet each other online? Or couples, maybe

They have been in a happy relationship for many years, and one of the spouses is suddenly out of business.

Does it have to go far?

It is true that the second situation is more difficult, since the sudden emergence between couples

one has to get used to the distance first. But according to a recent survey, ten lives

Nine of his friends appreciate their personal freedom, which means

It is a pleasing result. One can lie on the beach all day or watch a match or

wants to work overtime all the time – why not, after all, that’s the point of the relationship.

Because of the concept, there is enough time and this is until the time to be spent together again.

it can also be a good distraction.

Some people conclude that long distance relationships offer great advantages.

they take out. Because couples are overcoming some kind of obstacle and need to spend time together.

They rejoice and experience a great deal in the relationship that other couples can only dream of.

the foundation of trust is formed. For example, love always stays fresh! All shared together

things are valued. A meal or a vacation can be sweeter than ever.

In addition, sexuality can turn from a routine into a very special feeling.

However, long distance relationships also have their downsides, as a normal couple

The things they naturally share throughout the week are those that are far apart.

It is an extraordinary situation for couples. Thus, each event is a week.

concentrates on the end or a longer period of time. couples to each other

They expect a lot before meeting and the meeting is as beautiful as hoped.

The risk of disappointment is very great.

So he should rejoice for the little things and feel himself for any conversation.

should not force it and experience the happiness of waking up side by side. Sometimes it’s worth it

It takes so much effort, but every time you meet the right person, you travel 500 km.

Things to do for the relationship that you see worthwhile when you commit it may be:

4 things to do for a happy long distance relationship

• Communicate with your partner as often as possible. Telephone, mobile, Skype, e-mail or

by mail. Let it be a part of your daily life.

• Say “we”, not “I”. Too much individuality for relationships, especially long distance

It’s not good for their relationship. Even if you are apart, your rituals and common life

Don’t give up on your habits.

• Avoid conversations that smell of argument. Don’t waste your precious time with disputes

don’t pass. Be constructive and if the problem is big, try to find a solution immediately.

• Talk a lot about your shared future with your partner. Such relationships require vision.

The most important thing in this type of relationship is that the couple has a common goal despite everything.

that is, to have desires for togetherness and to travel this distance for a certain time.

that they know they are ensnared. Spouses together after a certain time, in the same city

They must hold on to the idea that they will live and be together. long distance

in relationships too, without a plan, the relationship has no foundation, so from the very beginning

Whether a person wants to enter into such a relationship should be weighed well.

Advantages and disadvantages

 “I missed you so much”. It might sound very nice. But for miles

This saying does not make the job of your estranged lover any easier. constant longing

Saying that you are suffering reduces the quality of life for both parties.

 Another problem is the realities of daily life. Couples live in separate cities

lives the truth and this unfortunately cannot be shared sometimes.

 Fear of being cheated on and “where is our relationship going?” like other delusions

Among the problems… Jealousy is inevitable and the relationship is a normal one.

demands more attention from the relationship.

 With the confidence of knowing that you have someone in your life, as if there is no one.

The comfort created by living freely is the most important advantage of a long distance relationship.

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