Do not neglect your heart in autumn!

Every year, September 29 is commemorated as World Heart Day to draw attention to heart health. The precautions to be taken by heart patients during seasonal transitions are of vital importance: “Influenza vaccination should be done before winter begins, doctor’s control should not be neglected, salt consumption should be paid attention, smoking should be stopped.”

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof.Dr. Mehmet Baltalı drew attention to the precautions to be taken by heart patients.

Flu vaccine should be

Prof.Dr., who stated that flu diseases, which are common in seasonal changes, cause serious problems especially in heart patients. Mehmet Baltalı said, “The hospitalizations of heart patients are much more frequent in the winter months. For this, especially in the months of October-November before the winter season, patients with heart failure, that is, those whose heart does not work adequately, and elderly patients need to be vaccinated against influenza every year; These patients should also have a pneumococcal vaccine against the pneumococcal bacteria that causes pneumonia.

Medication needs to be regulated

prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı emphasized that drugs should be rearranged during seasonal transitions. prof. Dr. Baltalı said, “Risk factors such as heart disease, blood pressure and sugar should be re-evaluated, high cholesterol levels should be controlled and medications related to it should be rearranged. Especially at the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn, heart patients should come to the doctor’s control,” he said.

Smoking should be quit

Emphasizing that heart patients should definitely quit smoking and pay attention to their diet, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltali said:

“We recommend that heart patients quit smoking first. Secondly, we recommend that he pay attention to his cholesterol, that is, to pay attention to his diet. Heart patients should avoid trans fats. Attention should be paid to red meat consumption. It is necessary to take care to use fish, vegetables, legumes and olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil. They should especially stay away from fatty meat and offal.”

Doctor’s advice must be followed

Expressing that the recommendations of the doctors must be followed, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “We recommend that heart patients regularly use the medicines given by their doctors and follow their recommendations. Blood pressure is also very important in heart patients. The blood pressure should not rise in any way. If the blood pressure has reached the normal limits after the use of the drug, it should not be interrupted in any way. Very often, we observe the following misbehavior in patients; The patient takes the drug for 20-25 days and then does not continue to the second box because my blood pressure has dropped. Patients should not do this. If the doctor does not specify, he should not stop the medication in any way and should go as often as the doctor calls, “he said.

The risk increases in the morning.

Stating that the risk of heart attack is 24 hours a day, but especially in the morning hours, it is more common. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “The risk of heart attack is higher between 08:00 and 11:00 in the morning. This is because the heart rate increases during these hours. Heart rate slows down during sleep. After waking up, the heart rate increases. The increase in heart rate before a heart attack appears to be a triggering factor.” said.

Salt consumption should be limited

Stating that those with a family history of heart disease have a higher risk of developing coronary artery disease, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı pointed out that excessive salt consumption should also be restricted. Prof. dr. Baltalı said, “The risk of heart disease is higher for those whose mother, father, sibling had a heart attack at an early age or who died due to coronary artery disease. These people should especially not smoke, pay attention to their cholesterol, and take precautions if there is blood pressure sugar. It should ensure that blood pressure remains within normal values. People with blood pressure should limit their salt use. The rate of salt use is very high in Turkey.”

Get a health check before exercising

Stating that those with heart disease in their family should go through a doctor’s check before doing sports, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı also emphasized the importance of sports in terms of heart health. Prof. dr. Baltali said:

“Deaths from heart disease can be caused not only by a heart attack but also by another condition. In any case, people who will do officially licensed sports must undergo a cardiologist control. Apart from that, it is important to exercise and move. Those who play sports and exercise are less likely to develop heart disease. Walking is recommended. I recommend walking for at least 20 minutes 4 days a week. People should choose the sport they will do, taking into account. In terms of heart health, we especially recommend sports such as swimming, walking and tennis. However, sports such as weightlifting, boxing, bodybuilding and wrestling are not recommended for heart health. Those with a family history of heart disease; They should go to the doctor, listen carefully to the doctor’s recommendations, not smoke, eat healthy and act.”

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