Do not make a peeling foot mask! Why?

Don’t Make a Peeling Foot Mask! Why?

Our feet are the limbs that carry all the weight of our body. The thickest skin layer of the body is the soles of our feet. Nerves take intense pressure.

Peeling foot mask causes thinning of the skin. Due to intense pressure, it cannot protect the thin skin, and peeling, burning, redness and pain may occur on the body and soles of the feet.

Do not and do not make a pumice stone file on your feet in the bathroom or pedicure salons! Why?

The tissue swells in water and the process causes the tissue to be stimulated. When the tissue is stimulated, it starts to produce more skin layers to protect itself. Therefore, fissures form on the skin and a suitable environment for microorganisms is formed.

Do not apply moisturizer to your nails! Why?

Do not apply moisturizer to your nails while applying moisturizer to your feet. Nail is keratin tissue. It needs elasticity, not moisture. Applying moisturizer to the nails causes the formation of bacteria on the nails. Bacteria trigger the formation of nail fungus. Use nail nourishing oils to make your nails elastic.

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