Do not give up!

Four chickens go to an eagle’s nest and steal an egg. When they bring the egg to the henhouse, the other chickens think that this egg belongs to a very large chicken.
Time passes, those who bring the egg forget, too, they believe that this egg belongs to a big chicken.
One day, that egg under a brooding hen is broken. Inside it emerges a strange chicken with jet black wings and an interesting beak.
Everyone is surprised, happy; It’s the first time they’ve seen such a thing.
The mother chicken begins to give lessons to her baby: “Look, baby, eat the insect you found on the ground! Eat barley and wheat like this!” Mother chicken teaches new things to her baby every day; and how to deal with dangers.
The baby chicken with the interesting beak that comes out of the big egg does everything its mother tells, and gets more beautiful as it grows. It has fairly long wings. Other chickens look at his wings with envy.
One day, while the mother chicken is telling her chick how to defend herself against the dangers coming from the air, the baby’s eye falls on another creature that soars high in the sky and flies with magnificence. “Mom what is this?” she asks.
mother chicken;
“Oh is it? That eagle, my baby, is the king of birds.”
“How beautifully it flies!” says the baby chicken, sighing.
“Yes baby. But don’t mind her! You can never be like him. Before you, your father, grandfather, uncle all adored him, but none of them could fly like him. You are a chicken and you must live like a chicken.”
From that day on, the little chicken sighs as she watches the eagle’s glorious passing in the backyard all her life, and every time she says, “I wish I could be an eagle and fly.” she laments.

And one day the big chicken with black long wings dies while watching the magnificent eagle. They bury him like a chicken. However, it is an eagle that dies.

Someone will always tell you ‘you can’t’.
Do not hear them, do not burden your mind. Some people don’t want others to do what they can’t do themselves. It disturbs the peace, it spoils the joy.

Constantly renew and update yourself; read books, travel, watch movies, meet with your friends.. Resist people, do your best, live your life…

If Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Jim Carrey, JK Rowling, Walt Disney, Jack Ma, Ali Sabancı, Acun Ilıcalı… Their common feature is that they don’t give up. In fact, they had many reasons to quit and take other paths, but they tried again and were successful.

Procrastination misses the leaven of life. Shout if you are angry, tell if you love, hug if you miss.

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