Do clogged veins open?

One of every two causes of death worldwide is cardiovascular disease. Millions of people suffer from arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. These diseases cause structure disorder in flexible vessels, disrupt the working system of organs.

Even in impotence and infertility, vascular problems are the biggest factors.

Cardiovascular diseases were the biggest health problems not only today but also in the past.

Even in the examination of mummies in ancient times, atherosclerosis was detected. It has been revealed that some of the pharaohs died from a stand-up crisis.


The cells lining the veins are similar to kitchen tiles. These cells are called endothelial cells. These cells interact with the substances they secrete ( nitric oxide ) makes the vein healthy. These substances contribute to the enlargement of the vein, dry the inflammation in the vein, help the cleaning of toxic substances that will damage the vein, and make the blood watery and fluid in that area.

There is congestion in the veins at the points where nitric oxide is not secreted or secreted less. As a result, blood flow is greatly reduced.


High blood pressure disrupts the vascular structure. This discomfort may not always give a symptom, we should definitely check our blood pressure regularly.


The level of sugar in the blood is one of the main factors of vascular diseases. High hunger and satiety sugar values ​​have vital effects. In fact, sugar is indispensable for the nutrition of cells, but sugar loading above the required causes a toxic effect on the vessels, causing damage to the cells lining the vessel. Even if the symptoms of diabetes are not seen, it is useful to measure our sugar from time to time. People who go to the toilet frequently and people with dry mouth have a much higher risk of diabetes.


Although the drugs provided by modern medicine prevent the progression of atherosclerosis, they cannot clean the veins. Herbal support and treatment have very important effects on this issue. With phytotherapy methods, it is possible for your veins to be sparkling. To date, thousands of patients have gotten rid of atherosclerosis with very rapid changes with the right medicinal plants.

It is possible to lower blood pressure, lower sugar values ​​and lower cholesterol values, and in coordination with these, it is possible to clean the veins.


The heart is fed by opening the chest and placing the vein taken from the foot, like a bypass, into the heart’s vein that is clogged with bypass surgery. Or, the obstruction can be overcome by placing a stent, but a stent cannot be placed everywhere. In addition, placing a stent does not mean that the vessel will not be occluded again. The stent is ultimately an external substance, since it is not the body’s own substance, it is much easier to occlude the vessel.


Factors that increase sugar levels suddenly and toxic substances such as cigarettes that disrupt the structure of the vessels should be avoided.

Habits that cause high blood pressure, such as high salt use, should be abandoned.
Trans fats that increase bad cholesterol should be avoided.

Thanks to phytotherapy and herbal support, exercise should not be neglected while making our veins sparkling.

Brisk walking for 45 minutes 4 days a week will be beneficial.

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