Distraction Part 2

If a person has more Nature Intelligence, he likes to spend more time with animals, flowers, trees, birds. It should be known that their attention span will be longer against them. A mother, having trouble with her child, said exactly as follows; -This boy studies ants for an hour and still does not get bored. However, here, the mother should not be troubled, but should prepare a good environment for her child by discovering his intelligence, talent and area of ​​interest. In order for your child to have a good future and be happy in the future, they should get help from experts in this field.
What to do then. First of all, it is necessary to determine which Intelligence Part the person has. What is the Intelligence Section of the person who has trouble with this? More Logical Intelligence? More Verbal Intelligence? Visual Intelligence? Inner Intelligence? Social Intelligence? Music Intelligence or Nature Intelligence? More superior in these matters must be determined accurately by a Professional expert.
Then, that individual’s interests, abilities, and value judgments should be determined. After that, an environment should be prepared according to this Intelligence Department, area of ​​interest, and value judgments, at home, at school, in the environments where he/she works, in the places where he/she lives, so that the attention span of that person will increase. If this is not done, that individual will not be able to pay enough attention to the studies that are not suitable for the Intelligence Department. As a matter of fact, those who live with him in himself and his surroundings -They get upset by saying that his attention is too scattered and they can stress both themselves and that person. What should be done at home, at school, in the institutions where they work or in the places where people live, according to their intelligence departments, interests and abilities?
I will try to help with these issues in my next article. Kind regards.

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