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Then, the learning style, interests, abilities, value judgments and learning of that individual (child, youth, adult) should be determined together with the Intelligence Department. After that, an environment should be prepared for that person (child, teenager, adult) at home, at school, at work, in the environments where that person (child, adolescent, adult) is based on this intelligence section, area of ​​interest, abilities, and value judgments. As long as he acts according to his own intelligence, learning style, ability and value judgments, there will be no problem in his attention span (if he does not have psychological problems). The result is a happy, peaceful life with a low level of attention stress.
If this is not done, that individual will not be able to pay enough attention to the intelligence department, learning style, abilities and value judgments. As a result, both he will be sad and his parents will be sad. Eventually they will get stressed, there may be hair loss in children, self-confidence, fear of failure, exam stress, etc.
Conclusion: The intelligence divisions of people (children, youth, adults) and in which sub-branches of these intelligence divisions are higher and more successful should be revealed in a good way. However, learning style, interests, abilities, and value judgments should be revealed in the best way possible. Then, a work plan, a program and a target should be determined in accordance with the realities of this person (child, youth, adult).
In my later articles, according to the calendar age of children or adults (from 2 years old) and school status (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school, university, adult, etc.), according to the age of intelligence (under normal, normal, gifted), according to learning style, I will try to give you information about what to do at home, at school, at work, in the environment according to their abilities and value judgments.

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