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It should be known that if a person has more Nature Intelligence and likes to spend more time with animals, flowers, trees, birds, he will have more attention span towards them. A mother, having trouble with her child, said exactly as follows; -This boy studies ants for an hour and still does not get bored. However, here, the mother should not be troubled, but should prepare a good environment for her child by discovering his intelligence, talent and area of ​​interest.
If a child has intelligence and talent in the social field, this child should be examined in the best way and whatever is necessary for this child should be done in the best way. If a child has a talent in the field of inner intelligence, this child should be examined well, explored in the best way and whatever is necessary for this child should be done in the best way, in accordance with his own creation. This applies to mathematics, social, nature, etc. other intelligence departments. Unfortunately, these issues are still not well-known in Turkey.
In order for the child to have a good future and be happy in the future, our parents should get the necessary help in this regard. If our teacher friends, who do not know these issues, also get the necessary information about this subject, we will tell our parents, -Your child is very distracted, -Your child is not in the classroom, but in dream worlds, -Your child’s eyes are constantly on mischief, -Your child is constantly teasing his friend, -Your child is constantly He watches out of the window, ( I am writing these by asking your forgiveness. Like some teachers, – Your child’s head does not touch the lesson of …………. nato marble nato head, etc.) does not upset our parents and those children do not go to waste.
What should be done ? First of all, it is necessary to determine which Intelligence Section of the individual (child, youth, adult) is high. Logical Intelligence? Mathematical Intelligence? If Mathematical Intelligence is high, in which subsection of Mathematics Intelligence is it superior? Is Verbal Intelligence Higher? If Verbal Intelligence is high, in which subsections of Verbal Intelligence is it high? Visual Intelligence? Visual Intelligence is high in which sub-sections of Visual Intelligence? Inner Intelligence? Social Intelligence? Music Intelligence or Nature Intelligence? More superior in these matters must be determined accurately by a Professional expert.


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