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Perfectionism can be defined as a personality trait. It is a feature that makes a person’s life very difficult and needs to be rasped.
• A perfectionist person, unable to admit even the slightest mistake of himself and/or those around him,
• Constantly criticizing himself or those around him, trying to correct himself according to his own truth,
• Setting unrealistic goals that are almost impossible to reach, and naturally experiencing disappointment and anger when these goals are not achieved,
• Far from enjoying the process, result oriented,
• He is someone who constantly worries about being disliked and disliked.
It is very difficult to have satisfactory relationships and do things. He criticizes himself and others harshly and produces unhappiness. Since the perfectionist does not pat himself on the back or reward himself, he constantly expects external approval and positive feedback. The disappointment he experiences when he doesn’t get it can be devastating.
Ways to Get Rid of Perfectionism
1. Your motivation is crucial to start the battle against perfectionism. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of being perfect. You will be surprised to see that this is not an advantage, that it does not work for you in any way.

2. Try changing your standards for various activities. Pick an event and instead of targeting 100 percent, aim for 80 percent or 40 percent. Try to be mediocre! It takes courage, surprise yourself!

3. Another way to beat perfectionism is to face fear. Suppose you double-check whether you have locked the house and double-checked the car. Close the door, lock it and get out of there without checking again. You will feel restless. You will try to persuade yourself to come back. Don’t! Often a single exercise done this way can be enough to break a harmful habit.

4. A powerful way to combat perfectionism is to learn to make mistakes. “I can make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world” Read this note every morning for two weeks.

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