Porcelain dental fillings, porcelain veneers, implant crowns and laminate veneers (leaf porcelains)like, all-ceramic dental restorations made by measuring with traditional methods, CAD/CAMtechnology, computer-aided impression taking, restoration design and production is the field of dentistry.


CEREC;It is a CAD/CAM system used in Digital Dentistry that enables the design of personalized all-ceramic restorations in a short time as a single session, and the restoration prepared in a computer program to be produced from high quality materials with a special scraping device.


  • It does not require long treatment sessions. Depending on the type and number of restorations to be made, dental treatments can be performed in as little as half an hour to 4-5 hours.

  • Since the impression taken for the restoration is made with the method of taking intraoral images of a camera, not with a measuring spoon, this period is comfortable for the patients.

  • It is not necessary to use temporary restoration. Sensitivity and discomfort are not experienced.

  • Since the restorations are produced from high quality porcelain blocks, they are healthier and longer lasting.

  • All-ceramic restorations maximally match the natural tooth color and form.

  • The impression taken with the computer has micron precision and the compatibility of the restorations is much better than the restorations made with traditional impressions.


  • The dentist cleans the carious or damaged area and shapes the tooth according to the restoration to be made.

  • 3D image of the prepared tooth CERECIt is taken with the camera and the data is transferred to the computer environment.

  • The physician designs the restoration to be scraped from the porcelain block in computer environment.

  • The restoration, designed in computer environment, is prepared by scraping from high quality prepared all-ceramic blocks in a three-dimensional scraper.

  • After the adaptation of the prepared porcelain restorations is rehearsed in the mouth, it is applied on the tooth with special materials called adhesives.

  • As with all dental treatments, CERECRestorations are also checked periodically.

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