Difficult People And How To Cope With Them

Complicating the lives of themselves and those around them, reducing their quality of life, “Oops, he’s back again” There are people around us who make us say. But more importantly, that person could be you. This article will describe difficult people and methods of dealing with them.

We call difficult people people who have a personality organization that causes certain character traits to be very pronounced or hardened, unable to adapt to situations, and cause suffering for themselves or others, or for both parties. In other words, they are people with whom we have difficulty communicating. The times when we are with these people are painful for us and are unwanted moments.

Past negative experiences, traumas thrown into the subconscious, the fact that the person whom he takes as a model and accepts as his idol is also a difficult person, inherited or later-developing personality disorders cause a person to develop a difficult personality.

It is possible to classify difficult types of people in different ways. Here are the most common ones:

Aggressives, those who complain about everything, even those who complain about themselves, those who know everything, the victims, those who are passive aggressive, those who constantly make fun of and humiliate them… We can increase their number.

Coping strategies can be developed according to difficult types of people. However, it would be appropriate to first determine the basic thoughts and approaches on which these strategies are based. We recommend asking the following questions for these basic thoughts and approaches.

  1. Is it worth it?

  • The person who forces you is first of all in your life. “value”What is i?
  • Is the energy you will spend dealing with this difficult person worth it?
  • What will you gain as a result of your actions against these difficulties?
  • Will this achievement make a positive contribution to you or the person in front of you?
  1. Identify why it is causing difficulties.

  • Why is this person giving me trouble?
  • Is he aware that you are causing difficulties?
  • Is the difficulty due to a financial reason?
  1. What is your relationship?

  • What kind of relationship do you have with this person?
  • (Work, friendship, relatives…)Would breaking up your relationship hurt you or him?

After these questions, we recommend that you do the following basic behaviors.

  1. Set your limits.

Difficult people often like to break boundaries. Especially if you are faced with a difficult type of person due to narcissistic personality disorder, you need to set boundaries. You can set limits to anyone, no matter who they are. This could be your boss, your spouse, or your child. The basis of interpersonal relationship management is the determination of boundaries. Especially if this person has a difficult personality.

  1. Focus on solutions, not problems

People who push you won’t usually accept the problems they create for you. A difficult personality type with antisocial personality disorder will ignore you and your feelings. In fact, this will seem normal to him as he has no emotion. Having certain rules, principles and boundaries in your relations with such people will make you comfortable.

  1. Talk about the behavior, not the person.

Communicating and maintaining contact with people with difficult personalities sometimes turns into torture. In this process, it is useless to talk about the events and the person himself or to talk about all of your ailments at once. In such a situation, it will be more effective to talk about only one behavior and start work.

  1. excuse me.

People with difficult personalities may have caused you material and moral damage. Forgive what happened in the past if you have to continue your relationship with these people for any reason. It will be much more difficult to deal with this person without forgiving them. People with difficult personalities can usually yawn a bit relatively well after their forties. The rigidity in their personalities may soften a little. If there are such people, forgiving what happened in the past in your life will reduce your burden.

  1. Get help

If you have tried all the methods you know and you are still having trouble dealing with this person and it has to be in your life for some reason, you should definitely get help from an expert. The person in the problem is often very far from solving the problem.

Specialist Psychologist Erdal Usluer

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