Difference Between Fear and Phobia

Fear is considered part of a normal life. In fact, fear keeps us away from situations that can have bad consequences and allows us to get out of the environment where such a situation can occur.
He touched on the differences between fear and phobia. Under normal circumstances, he can overcome fear with reason and logic. Fear does not take over our lives and cause us to act irrationally. A phobia, on the other hand, makes a normal fear response permanent, difficult or even out of control.

For this reason, phobia is considered an anxiety disorder. A phobia is a reaction to a situation or object. The fear in a phobia is a fear that goes far beyond natural or normal fears. These two terms are often confused with each other.

What is the difference between fear and phobia?

It’s pretty easy to be afraid of anything. Fear is usually based on a negative experience with the object in question. A child who attacked a dog when he was little may be afraid of dogs today. Sometimes fear is learned from someone else. For example; A child who is not normally afraid of spiders may become afraid of spiders when he sees his mother’s reactions.

Stress and discomfort arise when the object that causes fear is confronted. People who are afraid of planes feel anxious when they get on the plane. However, this can be controlled with methods such as relaxing a little before the flight or meditation. People who are afraid of planes can get around this situation by choosing a train or car journey when they are in difficulty.


The point that matters when it comes to a phobia is the source. A person who is afraid of anything does not think much about this fear in his daily life. Fear arises only when faced with the feared object.

In phobia, on the other hand, the situation is evaluated as being afraid of the fear itself. Starting to think about things that will trigger fear in daily life and avoiding things that will trigger fear creates phobia.

When someone who is afraid of spiders sees a spider, they become afraid and avoid confronting it. However, someone with a spider phobia may consider seeing spiders at night and refuse to go out. The phobia makes it more difficult and, in extreme cases, impossible to fall asleep and focus on something important, especially as the confrontation with the object causing the phobia approaches.

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