Did you say survival instinct?

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There are two basic instincts that ensure the continuation of the human species. One is survival, the other is perpetuation.

Today I want to talk about survival instinct from today’s perspective.

Our survival instinct is the most important instinct that has allowed us to exist since the cave period. Well, what about this instinct that keeps humanity alive in the cave period in the 21st century? How are we in this modern age with the command “fight or flight” but absolutely survive? But most importantly, what are we doing with this instinct in this “New Normal” process? What are we doing with this “survival”, not only as a nation, but as a humanity?

Let’s first take a look at how this survival instinct works: Let’s go back to a cave period, when people were constantly under threat to life. The “flight or fight, but absolutely survive” mechanism has developed in humans, who have to somehow get rid of the vital threats around them in order to survive.

When the information that there is an external danger reaches the amygdala, life threat information is sent to the adrenal glands before the information reaches the Neocortex, and depending on the condition of the person and the necessity of the situation, adrenaline (attack, fight, destroy if necessary, absolutely survive) or noradrenaline (run, hide) , survive, absolute survival). In this way, necessary physiological changes occur in the body.

Today, we turn the stress factors caused by the pressures arising from finance, work and relationships, which we think are the “lions” of modern life, into chronic stress. When our brain encounters modern stress factors that we need to overcome, perceives it as a danger, it sends it to the Hypothalamus.[5] immediately sends a distress signal. Our body also initiates a series of reactions that will increase the energy in order to eliminate the danger quickly. The adrenal glands secrete the hormones adrenaline/noradrenaline and cortisol. These hormones increase our heart rate and blood pressure, making us breathe faster. Our energy level is increased by releasing blood sugar and fat stored in our body. Although this rising energy level has been evolutionarily useful for the creature called human in the process, today it either causes anxiety disorder or psychosomatic reactions or, worst of all, stress-based physical health problems.

In today’s world, we thought that we live in a sheltered world that is almost free from life threats, wild animals, seasonal effects, and natural disasters.

Although we were not likely to be eaten by lions in this modern world, as in the cave period, as a result of the intense stresses we experienced, we thought that “there is a lion” in modern societies and sent a life-threatening message to our adrenal glands and sent a flight or fight command, although there was no real danger, and we were experiencing anxiety disorders at an increasing rate. suddenly a “real lion” called Covid-19 appeared.

We did not know what to do in the face of this so-called Covid-19 lion, as some of us did not meet with a “real lion” several times and most of us never. We’re all stuck at home. We disinfected everything, including ourselves. In fact, some of us thought that it would be more secluded and the virus would not come to those areas, so we fled further south and caused the virus to spread to every region and peak.

After being confined to homes for a long time, a large majority threw themselves out with the relaxation of the bans. And he stayed outside. No masks or social distancing. After this intense fear, our judgment has been seriously shaken and our most basic instinct has been hidden in a place we have to seek and find.

For the serious majority, not much of that survival instinct remains. “Corona doesn’t work for us.”, “They lie, there is no such thing as Corona.”, “They exaggerate, the flu is a bit heavy.”, “The party that catches the first Corona virus wins the grand prize.” Choose, like, buy.

If you are one of those whose instinct is hidden, find your most basic instinct and live long with health.

Dr.phil. R. Meltem KAVCAR SIRALI

14 July 2020

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